Giving Back

Giving back. One for you. One for them.

Every time you buy a pair of shorts, 
we give a pair to a child in need.

Donations. Buy one. Give one. Charity. Giving Back.


And when we say every time; we mean it.
Not just for every purchase, but for every item.
When you buy two pairs of shorts, we donate two pairs of shorts!

Who receives our donations?
Our partners in Bangladesh help us find the most effective places to donate.
We started by donating to garment workers’ families and children. We expanded to schools, hospitals, daycare centers, transit stations and more. We go anywhere there is need.

Do these kids really need shorts?
Millions of children in Bangladesh lack essentials. Many children have just one or two items of clothing to wear every single day. These shorts are often the only new pair of clothing children have ever received.

What type of shorts do they get?
As you can see in the photos above, we make special shorts just for kids. They are constructed with a super comfy expandable waistband that continues to fit as they grow.

How much of an impact have we made?
We have donated tens of thousands of pairs of shorts. We look forward to donating tons more with your help.