Our Mission

Our goal from day one has been to support the communities that inspire us and help shape who we are.

How It Started

In 2012, Bearbottom Founder Robert Felder joined his father on a business trip to Bangladesh. He witnessed firsthand the immense need for quality jobs and basic essentials, such as clothing. Inspired by what he saw, Robert returned home with a determination to make a difference. Two years later, he founded Bearbottom with the mission of creating that difference.

Where We Are Today

Today, we have donated over a million meals to underprivileged children in India. Our commitment to making a positive impact is ongoing, as we continue to pledge to donate one meal for every purchase made. We are grateful to our customers for enabling this change and positively influencing the world.

Bearbottom's giving back journey Bearbottom's giving back journey

Thank you for contributing to over 1,000,000 meals donated through Bearbottom. Our journey isn't over.

Every Purchase Makes a Difference.

Today, Bearbottom has pledged to donate one meal to a child in need for every item purchased. This initiative reflects our commitment to social responsibility, supporting communities, and making a positive impact beyond the transaction.

1 item purchased = 1 meal donated

Special thanks to our partners

We're grateful to our partners for making this possible. We're constantly exploring new ways to expand our impact. If you're passionate about an organization, let us know!